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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man — #91 Brandon Sharpe

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Player: Brandon Sharpe

Number: #91

Position: Defensive End

Year: Junior

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 237

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

High School: Ocean Lakes HS

2010 Stats:  20 Total Tackles (3.5 TFL), 3.5 Sacks, FF

2011 Projections: Sharpe is considered a pass-rush specialist on the team, because of his affinity for getting to the QB.  Expect his playing time to stay similar to what it has been, since both Mikhail Marinovich and Chandler Jones return for Syracuse, with Sharpe contributing mostly in passing downs and in the Okie package.

How'd He Get Here: Both Sharpe and defensive back/cult hero Shamarko Thomas were committed to Louisville, until Doug Marrone took the helm at Syracuse and flipped them.  The two Virginians are two of Marrone's first recruits.

What did Scout/Rivals Say?: Both rated Brandon as a 2-star recruit

Money Quote: "It's going to be a good game, though.  The competition level is going to be high, of course, for me and Shamarko, because we were both committed there, and then we decommitted.  It's going to be lots of fun." Sharpe, talking to Donnie Webb about facing Louisville in 09.

Links of Wonder: A 2009 Article on Sharpe and Thomas' first chance to play against Louisville, after switching their commitments to Syracuse.

What Does Doug Marrone Think?:  "Brandon is someone we're very excited about.  We feel he has a tremendous future." -  

Interesting Nugget O'Interest:  Sharpe played DE in HS, but projected to play linebacker in college, which is where the staff originally put him when he came to Syracuse.  However, the staff quickly moved him back to defensive end before his freshman year, a move that has obviously paid dividends.  

Let Us Get a Good Look at You: Sharpe after his first game, against Minnesota in '09

Highlights:  Sharpe's highlight tape from Ocean Lakes HS.

Brandon Sharpe (#9 defensive end) Highlights from Ocean Lakes High football season 2008 (via bsharpe9)

Next up is walk-on wide receiver Cayden Feifer, which should be coming to you on Friday.