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Tickets, Get Your Lacrosse Tickets

Folks in the Boston area, look up in the sky! Do you see the mesh shadow against the clouds? It's the Syracuse Lacrosse Signal and it's calling you!

Tickets are still available for the quarterfinal game against Maryland on Sunday at noon. That's not enough for you? How about the opportunity to stick around after and boo the heck out of Duke when they play Notre Dame in the following game? I thought you might like that.

Plus, tickets are only $20 and include parking.

Actually, it looks like Boston is only a five and a half hour drive from Syracuse. That's practically the same thing as driving to a basketball home game at Madison Square Garden! So no one has an excuse.

You can buy the tickets by calling the Dome box office at 1-888-DOMETIX. I just talked with an agent and she said there were a "decent amount left." That makes me think there currently isn't going to be enough Orange in the stands at Foxborough. Please, let's Orange that place out!