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Syracuse Daily Links - Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Lacrosse and McNabb

Syracuse and its 2011 opponents dominate first round | Daily Orange Sports Blog
If the bracket for the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament looks like Syracuse’s schedule, well, that’s because it pretty much is. The Orange has played all but one team that moved on to the second round, and ironically enough, that team is Maryland. Cornell, Virginia, Johns Hopkins, Duke and Notre Dame all won their respective games and are moved on to the second round.

Lax Tournament Update | Daily Orange Sports Blog
Let’s take a look at what happened in the rest of the tournament and the other quarterfinal matchups.

Syracuse University lacrosse team's next game will be previewed tonight on ESPNU |
Check out ESPNU tonight at 10 for a preview of the upcoming lacrosse NCAA matchups including Syracuse vs. Maryland.

Donovan McNabb: If former Pro Bowl quarterback can't find a starting gig, will the Ravens come calling? -
If Marc Bulger leaves Baltimore as a free agent this offseason to become a starter elsewhere, the Ravens will likely be in the market for another able veteran to back up fourth-year quarterback Joe Flacco. Might that veteran signal-caller be Donovan McNabb, who is on the outs in Washington?

Something to keep an eye out for this Sunday - the hidden ball trick that Maryland pulled on UNC in the first round of the NCAA lacrosse tournament (via