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Watch People Learn to Blog

Professor Keeley in 40 years?
Professor Keeley in 40 years?

The #NunesClass hashtag; it started innocently enough around 9 a.m. I noticed a few people on Twitter mention it and it hit me that this wasn't just any other Monday. Today, the little bloggers of Syracuse were gonna get all grown up. Our very own Professor Keeley was about to drop some knowledge and I could be a little fly on the Twitter wall following along. So exciting!

By 11 a.m., it had taken over my Twitter stream. By noon there was a lot of mentioning of dog sweaters and I got really confused. But, I couldn't pull my eyes away.

If you can't be in Syracuse, in the classroom, I guess the #NunesClass hashtag is the next best thing.

Also, can a few of the folks in attendance do us a solid and Tweet some photos? We all want the opportunity to see Sean in his professorial jacket that hopefully has orange elbow patches sewn on to the elbows.