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See You Next Week: Book Signing, SU Lacrosse, Blog Class & Faegan's

If you need me next week, chances are I'm here, via <a href=",_Syracuse_University.JPG"></a>
If you need me next week, chances are I'm here, via

You won't get much more out of me today. I'm doing all my final prep for next week. In case you missed it (not sure how...):


1-2 p.m. How To Grow An Orange book signing at the SU Bookstore. Even if you already have a book, swing by and say hi. I like meeting people, taking long walks across the Quad and 19th century French poetry.

5-6 p.m.-ish I'll be joining the world famous Texan Mark at one of his tailgates over at the Fine Lot. Join us if you dare (ominous music...).

7:30 - 10 p.m. I'll be watching the One-seed Syracuse Orange put a coda on Beat Siena Week II by beating Siena.

Monday - Friday

I'll be turning today's students in tomorrow's bloggers from 9-5 every day. You may laugh now, but 20 years from now, when we have our first blogger President of the United States, we'll see who's laughing. And blogging. Probably President Blogger.

Friday Night

8 p.m. - ??? Let's meet up at Faegan's, see if we can take over the "VIP Room" and go nuts. "Nuts" meaning have 2-3 beers before starting to get sleepy and slinking out at 10:45 when no one's looking.

If you're in the Greater Syracuse Area, I hope to see you at one of those things. Except for the class, unless you signed up. Otherwise, you will be tased, bro.

Next week you're in good hands. Dan Lyons, Adam "Voteprime" Gerard, Matt Glaude and Nick Toney will be your guest editors and they know what to do. I'll be chiming in when I can. Otherwise, I might throw some videos up here or at my fancy new personal website. Catch you on the flip-flop.