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Syracuse Football: Get To Know Your Orange Man — #95 Torrey Ball

You can keep track of every player profile here. Next stop on the Orange-Man Express:  #95, Torrey Ball.

Number: 95

Position: Defensive End

Year: Senior

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 252 pounds

Hometown: Athens, Georgia

High School: Georgia Military College

2010 Stats: Torrey played in all 13 games as a junior. He had 14 tackles, including a nifty TFL in the Pitt game. 

2011 Projections: Chan and Mikhail are your starters at end, but expect a lot more from Torrey Ball this season. He's a smart kid when he's not throwing snowballs or haymakers, making the 2009 and 2010 Big East All-Academic Team. We'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that suspension was an isolated incident. He's a decent pass rusher, but his excels are against the run and on special teams. And if Brandon Sharpe and/or Micah Robinson step ahead of Ball on the depth chart, he'll be seeing a lot of ST time.

How'd He Get Here?: Ball transferred in early 2009 from Georgia Military College, located in good ole Milledgeville, GA (the link has nothing to do with SU football, but when I get a chance to take a swipe at Ben, I do it). GMC coach Bert Williams knew recruiting coordinator and offensive line coach Greg Adkins, and there you have it

What did Scouts/Rivals Say?: He was a two-star guy who had another offer from Duke, says

Money Quote: "Why this girl in my class look jus like a oompa loompa? Totally #blown"  tweets Torrey, clearly perturbed by the lack of talent in Intro to Snozzberries.
Links of Wonder: A solid profile on Torrey, courtesy of

What Does Marrone Think?: Here's a solid nugget from"We battled teams for him with high academic standards. When you talk about junior-college players, you're talking about someone who's at a level of maturity where he can come in and compete."

Interesting Nugget O'Interest: After SU started 4-1, it seems like everyone was high on SU football. And if everyone was high, Ball was being a bit of a buzzkill:


He was right; the season was early, and it was nothing compared to how good it became later. But 4-1 was still a big deal on the 'Hill SU football was winning in a way that we hadn't seen for a while. Don't throw snowballs at someone else's good time, man.

On second thought Torrey, just stay away from snowballs.

Let Us Get A Good Look Atcha: Here's a fun video of Ball at SU Media Day 2010. Chandler Jones does his best Bob Costas impression. Torrey does his best "I-only-work-out-and-eat-mac-and-cheese" impression. 

Chandler Jones interviews teammate Torrey Ball at Syracuse University Football Media Day 2010 (via syracusedotcom)