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NCAA Tournament, Syracuse vs. Siena: Still No Tim Desko, Orange Clean Up On Big East Awards

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First, the bad news. When the Syracuse Orange take the field Sunday against the Siena Saints in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, they'll likely be doing so without Tim Desko.

"He was back with the trainers today getting a little bit of a workout," [John] Desko said Monday. "I think it’s more stretching and trying to get things moving again. But at least the stitches are out and he’s getting started."

Asked for a timetable for Tim’s return, the coach said: "That will really be up to him and how he responds to things. I’d be a little surprised with this weekend, but we’re hoping sometime after that."

The Orange have done well without Desko, but it's better to have that weapon in the holster than not.

Now the good news. The All-Big East Awards were handed out Wednesday and, shock of shocks, Syracuse won a bunch of them.

Stephen Keogh was named Attacker of the Year, John Galloway was named Goaltender of the Year and John Desko was named Coach of the Year.

Syracuse also had 11 players named to either the All-Big East First and Second Teams.

Midfielders Jovan Miller, midfielder Jeremy Thompson, LSM Joel White, defenseman John Lade, Keogh and Galloway were named first-teamers. Josh Amidon, Tim Desko, Kevin Drew, JoJo Marasco and Brian Megill were all named to the 2nd team.