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The Last Time Syracuse-Tennessee Relations Were This Strained, Tee Martin Was Prominently Involved

I apologize because I don't follow pro wrestling like I used to, but from what I can gather, Michael Cole is a big jerk now? I remember when he was just a milquetoast announcer doing his best to keep Tazz on point. And he's doing a reverse bad guy move by not having facial hair as a bad guy while he had a goatee when he was a good guy? The rules are changing! And sometimes people like John Cena and sometimes they don't? It's all so confusing.

Apparently one thing that's not confusing is the seething undercurrent of hatred the people of Tennessee's have for Syracuse University.

Witness now John Cena, doing a "version" of Rocky Top to the good people of Tennessee when he's rudely interrupted by Syracuse alumnus Michael Cole. From there, in true pro wrestling fashion, things devolve quickly when the entire scene becomes a multi-layered commentary on Syracuse's trademark claim on the word "orange."

H/T: OrangeChris

Kudos to the guy who says "What is he smoking?" when Cole suggests the Big East is better than the SEC. Stand by your conference, sir.

So, between Michael Cole and Mike Rotunda, I guess we can officially say that Syracuse University is a fully-accredited Heel institution. That's fine. Steel chairs and dubious managers/valets will be assigned and distributed later this week.