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Syracuse Football Facilities Need A Facelift

Your donation ensures our players will finally be able to shoot pool for real rather than pretending, via <a href=""></a>
Your donation ensures our players will finally be able to shoot pool for real rather than pretending, via

There's no mincing words on this SU Athletics page where the University is looking for donations to improve their facilities. Rutgers' and UConn's are better and its up to you to remedy that dreadful truth.

"The Syracuse University Athletic Department is currently raising funds for the renovations of the highlighted areas inside the current Iocolano- Petty Football Wing. This $4M campaign will transform the existing wing into a highly functional, and state of the art, Football Complex. These renovations, coupled with the future Indoor Football Practice Facility will effectively position the Syracuse Football Program with the necessary training and teaching environment to excel in the Big East Conference year after year. Your support of this renovation is highly encouraged and appreciated." – Doug Marrone.

There's also the training room comparison, which makes SU's hot tub facilities look only slightly better than that of the Cleveland Indians.

Things do look a little drab in the hallways by comparison. Gotta have nice hallways.

Look at the pool table in the player's lounge. No balls. Look at the pool table in that other lounge. Full of balls. This cannot stand.

And sweet mother, can we get Doug Marrone a nicer office!?!?

Well played, SU. To be fair, the best thing the Rutgers and UConn rooms seem to have going for them is better lighting. Still, they do look a little nicer (aside from the Giant R taking up space) and we all know that neither of those schools can have nicer things than us. It's just not American.

I just hope no recruits check this page out before we update everything. I mean, talk about setting ourselves up...

So, check your couch cushions. Rummage through the garage. Look under the rug. See if you can scrounge up a couple million and help the Orange out. At the end of the day, a better locker room won't solve all your problems (see Syracuse vs. Rutgers 2009, 2010), but it can't hurt in attracting recruits and keeping players happy, especially when many of those players are choosing between SU, Rutgers and UConn.