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Jim Boeheim The Only Good Thing In Yankee Stadium Tonight

In accordance with the New York's College Team Decree of 2010, "no more than five months may pass at any time before a Syracuse University official, coach or athlete must make an appearance inside Yankee Stadium." That decree holds true tonight when Jim Boeheim makes an appearance before the New York Yankees- Kansas City Royals game.

Boeheim will be one of 10 college basketball coaches who will be recognized for their involvement with Coaches vs. Cancer.

St. John's Steve Lavin and Rutgers' Mike Rice will also be on hand. Jim Calhoun and John Thompson III will be barred from the grounds and tased if they try to enter, assumedly.

Interesting enough, the Mets will be recognizing ten coaches this evening for their involvement with Coaches vs. Common Sense. Greg Robinson is expected to start the evening with a pre-game motivational speech. The Mets are hoping fans will return the stadium once the speech is over.