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Big East Expansion: The Search For More Money

Let's not kid ourselves. Like everything else in the world of amateur, unpaid athletics, every decision is made over money.

At the end of the day, if Villanova can prove that the Big East will make more money with Villanova football than without it, the Wildcats will get in. According to Philly Inquirer writer Mike Jensen, that's exactly the case.

Consider this: We're told that a future Big East football television package is a bit more valuable with Villanova in it than any of the other obvious current options, schools such as Central Florida or Houston. (Not sure if Villanova vs. Temple was included in the projections.)

It's surprising and, yet, its not. Philly is a huge market and locking that down is important for the conference. Then again, Houston and Orlando ain't too shabby either. I wonder just how big the financial difference is. Plus, I wouldn't mind seeing those numbers before agreeing in full with Jensen.

The Villanova blogs respond accordingly. VUHoops asks, "How can the football schools turn down more money?" The Nova Blog says this news puts the ball back in the Big East's court to make it happen.

And so we continue to wait...