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Billy Lange Leaves Navy For Villanova, What's To Become Of Greg Paulus?

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Greg Paulus was hired in August to be a part of Navy's basketball coaching staff under former Villanova assistant Billy Lange. After an 11-20 season, Lange is now resigning to go become, um, an assistant at Villanova.

It's a strange move on paper. That said, Lange wasn't really getting it done at Navy, a place where getting it done wasn't exactly easy work. Given his experience and history with the university, does this make Lange the "coach-in-waiting" at Nova? Not exactly.

Lange will not be a "coach in waiting" per se but certainly with his strong ties to the university and head coaching experience (he also was head coach at the Merchant Marine Academy for two years) this move would put him on Villanova's short list should Wright ever leave.

But, now we turn our attention to Syracuse's favored son Greg Paulus. What's to become of our former quarterback? Greg's made no mentions of the changes on his Twitterfeed, and he's far too nice and classy to speak out of turn, anyway. It would be hard to believe he'd get a shot at the head coaching gig so soon, so he'll either have to wait and see if the new guy is interested in his services, or perhaps, its time to put that Newhouse Masters degree to good use.

Gus Johnson and Greg Paulus calling games for Fox? I can hear it now...