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Which Syracuse Orange Basketball Player Will Dominate The Pacific Rim Next?

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Much like in season one of Fringe, The Pattern has emerged.

Ryan Blackwell's pro career fizzled out in America, so he went to Japan where he put together a pretty nice pro career and eventually became a player-coach for the Osaka Evessa, where he still is today.

Eric Devendorf's pro career never took off in America, so the hard-boiled Orange star took his talents to New Zealand where all he did in one season was score massive amounts of points and win a League Championship. Sure, the Australian thing didn't work out, but that's just cause he spent so much energy dominating the Kiwis.

Paul Harris' NBA career didn't pan out the way he'd hoped so he headed off to the Philippines where, after one season, he too is a champion.

Syracuse Basketball players go to the Pacific Rim, good things happen.

So this all begs the question...who's going to do it next? If the NBA doesn't work out or doesn't come calling, a Syracuse basketball player is basically guaranteed to find glory in Oceania. Someone else is going to do it next...but who?

Jonny Flynn (50-1)

Let's face it, to say Jonny's career has been a disappointment would be an understatement. He was screwed since day one after getting drafted by the black hole known as the Minnesota Timberwolves and hasn't done himself any favors since. I can't imagine there's too many other teams interested in his services and sooner or later Minny is either going to throw him in a trade as a salary dump or just let him go. When that happens, he might kick around the league for a couple years, but, assuming he doesn't improve substantially, it won't be for long. So I say, head to the Rim and become a superstar again.

Eric Devendorf (5-1)

He's done it before and I'd say things worked out pretty well in New Zealand. Of course, as much as he's got a reputation as a winner, he's also got a reputation as a hot head, so teams might be hesitant to commit too much him. But, given the disappointment in Australia and his current situation in Turkey, it would do Devo's ego good to return to the land of milk and honey for another run at Kiwi Gold.

Matt Gorman (20-1)

Gorman recently returned from England where he had a modicum of success. From what I've seen, it looks like the talent level is a little higher in the Rim than England, so it wouldn't be a cake walk. But, he's Matt Gorman. He's weathered many a storm and come out on top, or at least present an accounted for, before. The world needs Matt Gorman to play basketball. Otherwise, what's the point?

Gerry McNamara (500-1)

I know, his playing days seem behind him and he's firmly entrenched in the Syracuse community and coaching gig. But look at Brett Favre. Every time you thought the bug was gone, it bit him again. And we love Gerry the way Green Bay fans love Favre, so they're cut from the same cloth. It's a long-shot, but a season in New Zealand might just be the best McNamara vacation ever.

Demetris Nichols (15-1)

Demetris' NBA days seem officially behind him and he's currently plying his trade in France, which sounds nice. But, if he's looking for a change of scenery, the big man would fit in great in the Rim and bring a lot of veteran experience with him. Besides, he's clearly accustom to travel at this point.

Scoop Jardine (7-1)

Scoop is destined to be the greatest point guard in Japanese basketball history, is he not? And just think of what kind of madcap hijinks @PhillyFlash11 can get into. We'll get to call him Scoop-san, too. Wins all around.

Arinze Onuaku (Even)

Arinze has worked it out in the NBDL the last couple months, and he'll probably get a look in Summer League, assuming it happens at all. But what's the realistic potential for him? The odds are stacked against him to become an NBA regular. Given his size, his desire to play pro and his pedigree, doesn't all of this make him the IDEAL candidate to head down under? Be it New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, hell, even the Laos Pro Basketball League. Just get this man a strangely-colored basketball uniform slathered in corporate logos and let him loose! Speaking of, he's also a great spokesman...