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Syracuse Football: Tulane Game Moved To 7 PM, Atone Away!

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Congrats, Jewish fans of Syracuse Football. You can now spend October 8th atoning for all the horrible things you did over the past year right before watching SU beat Tulane in New Orleans and committing every single one of those sins all over again that night on Bourbon Street.

That's what I like to call a win-win-win.

SU's game against Tulane on Yom Kippur has indeed been scheduled for 7pm so that you can be miserable in peace. Any Orange fans not observing the holiday will now have all day to properly "prep" themselves for the game. For those of you who will be in N'awlins, drink your Hurricanes in honor of those who cannot.

The scheduling also continues a new, strange trend in Syracuse Football. Prime-time games. Between the two Friday night games and this one, the Orange are becoming "ready for prime-time players." You can also assume that the USC game will have a start time of at least 4pm EST, if not later, given the West Coast start.

Don't get too excited, however. You should expect the Rhode Island and Toledo games to be good, old-fashioned Nooners.