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Syracuse Basketball: The Classiest Basketball Team In The Nation

You might assume that these photos were taken before and during the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation Dinner on Saturday.

I like to think these were taken on a random Wednesday before the team decided to head down to the food court for some Gorditas. They're just that classy.


I don't know what I like most about this photo. That they made 7'0" Fab Melo crouch to the point where his lower lumbar system is now in shambles. That you JUST KNOW Scoop and Dion slyly made sure they were the ones holding the basketballs in the middle. That Mookie Jones looks miserable. That Brandon Reese is in the frontline. That Baye Moussa Keita is just a kid having fun out there, like Brett Favre. That Brandon Triche is lurking in the background, hoping you forget all about him so he can strike when you least expect it.

Seriously, this might be my favorite team photo ever.


Mookie Jones: Walking Excitement


Let us never speak ill of Fab Melo again. He is DELIGHTFUL.


The most dapper sophomore frontcourt in the nation.



The weird thing? They're all sitting down.



That's supposed to be Scoop laying it in but it looks a lot more like Morris Chestnut to me.



The night was going perfectly until Scoop stepped to the podium as the final speaker of the night, told a Polish joke and killed the mood, sending everyone home angry.

H/T: C.J.Fair & Baye Moussa Keita