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Fenway Park Wants College Football, How Bout Syracuse vs. Boston College?

Nawmally, yoah could nawt get me to write one fawkin' wuhd about dah fawkin' Red Sawx or dere fawkin' holeah dan holy Fenway Pawk. I can't fawkin' stand dem queah jagoffs from dah city of Bawston and I don't wanna heah about dem and dere pawh fawkin' loosin' streak. Scuse me if I don't find dem worthy of owah sinceyah appreciation.

All of dat said, I gawta write about dis story bout Fenway Pawk hostun fawking college footbawl games. If I didn't, dem cawksuckahs would have chawped me up and fed me to the poah in between viewins of The Dapahted an Gawn Baby Gawn.

On Wednesday, the AP released a story about the Red Sox management's interest in staging college football games at Fenway Park. This certainly wouldn't be the first time in recent years that college football has been staged in a baseball-only ballpark. 

If the Sox want college football, they'll get college football. And I would argue one of those two teams would have to be Boston College. You certainly don't want to be upstaged on the national stage in your own backyard. My question is who would you like to see the Eagles' face at Fenway?

Jeff at BC Interruption took a gander round BC's upcoming schedule and surmised the best option available would be Syracuse:

I would prefer to stay away from playing a conference game at Fenway. There might be quirks to the game like playing in one direction as they did in Wrigley last season that I wouldn't want to affect a conference game. When Northwestern played at Wrigley last season, the decision to play in one direction was not made until the week of the game. So I am looking at Syracuse in 2013. Hopefully Syracuse will have a few more decent years between now and then and I think the Notre Dame game might as well be played at Foxboro rather than at Fenway.

Removing the conference games, the best options available to the Eagles appear to be Army (2012), Notre Dame (2012), Syracuse (2013) and USC (2014). That's supposed to be a road game for us anyway so I don't think it makes much difference to us.

The Orange are already slated to play Penn State at the Meadowlands that year as well. The chance to play nationally-relevant games at the Meadowlands AND Fenway Park in one season might be too much for DOC Gross to pass up. We'll see how it plays out...

In the meantime, watch this fawkin' videah, ya fawkin' orange fawk:

H/T: BC Interruption & FilmDrunk