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Big East Expansion: Hurry Up And Do It Already, Villanova

The Big East wants Villanova to move up and play football in their conference. Most Villanova fans seem to want to do the same. All we need now is for the University to hurry up and say they're in so everyone can start planning.

According to, the time draws near.

A source close to the situation has relayed to VUhoops that the trustees in favor of this move currently have enough votes for the measure to pass on Tuesday. That news was, of course, pending the results of the discussions with the Big East as well as the final fundraising push.

It does seem, however, that the University is very close to a vote in favor of moving Villanova football to FBS status and joining the Big East conference. It would be the first instance of a private university upgrading from the Football Championship Subdivision (formerly known as I-AA) since Division 1 football was split in the late 70′s.

As we know, venue and money are the two key issues. The Wildcats are expected to begin FBS play in PPL Park, an 18K soccer stadium that could be expanded to fit roughly-30K that would be the smallest in the conference (Nippert holds 35K). The university would also be beholden to the MLS' Philadelphia Union when it comes to stadium expansion and other issues. In other words, they'll want to get the ball rolling on their own stadium, or a deal with Lincoln Field, ASAP.

Watch for the official announcement on Tuesday.

If and when Villanova decides to jump up, it will pretty much squash the hopes and dreams of UCF, Houston and any other team rumored to be in the running for a Big East spot. The football side will have 10 teams and the basketball side will have 17. I suppose the need for 12 teams in order to host a conference title game could encourage further expansion, but I just don't see the Big East growing the basketball side much more in the near future. Unless it has to.

And so we wait...