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Rick Jackson, K&D Rounds Landscaping Mow Down Competition In Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

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I think we can all agree that Rick Jackson's team in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament should be referred to as, The 'Scapers. Yes? Good. The 'Scapers escaped Sales System Ltd., 78-74, to advance into the 2nd round of the tournament.

Sales System Ltd? Landscapers? Two teams named after sports clubs? Wait a minute, are we sure Rick Jackson hasn't just joined some kind of industrial office complex pick-up league?

Nope, turns out the PIT is the United States' oldest amateur basketball tournament and the only postseason camp conducted for seniors only. Alright, carry on...

Jackson scored 13 points and grabbed five rebounds in 24 minutes of action. The 'Scapers are now set to play Portsmouth Partnership in the 2nd round. That game will be played Friday at 7pm EST. Anyone in the Churchland High School area is expected to attend.

And of course it goes without saying, for all your lanscaping needs, please call K & D.

Check out Rick at the :33 mark of this video, representing Orange: