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Syracuse Football: The Times They Are A-Changin', USF

When I was a young pup, wearing my Syracuse varsity jacket and beanie while I gallivanted around campus, there was a system to football scheduling when it came to Homecoming.

It was Rutgers or it was Temple. That's it. And no one purposefully scheduled us for Homecoming, if they could help it.

Things changed in the mid-90's. While the Syracuse football team over in the Fringe alternate universe continued to feast on the weak for Homecoming, we suddenly became the easy Homecoming win over here.

Up until this year, Syracuse either scheduled a non-conference creampuff or rolled the dice with a legit Big East opponent for Homecoming. And on the flip side, Big East schools were practically falling all over themselves to schedule us for their festivities. Who was an easier Big East win that us?

Well, f**k that noise. Doug Marrone led a General Sherman-like march through Big East Homecomings last year that, in all liklihood, put the kibosh on anyone feeling safe scheduling SU as a gimme anytime soon. The Orange ruined not one, not two but three Homecomings (West Virginia, South Florida, Cincinnati). Four if you include our own.

This year, the Orange are on the offensive when it comes to Homecoming, er, Orange Central. It's been scheduled for November 10th - 13th, which means South Florida is who we've chosen as the lamb to our lions. Wasn't so long ago that we would have steered clear of those Bulls for such an occasion. Not so much anymore.

Based on the timing, it looks like the only two schools that can schedule SU for Homecoming are Louisville and UConn. The Huskies have already announced the dates and they don't match up. That leaves Louisville. Come on, Cardinals. I dare you. I double dog dare you.