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Syracuse Lacrosse: When All Else Fails, Talk Trash

Sometimes, when you're the Evil Empire of your given sport, you have to act like it.

Syracuse's offense has come and gone this season. It's defense has looked unstoppable and porous. The Orange have looked unbeatable and very beatable, depending on when you're watching.

So for all of those times when things are rolling on all cylinders, Syracuse employs a special technique that only the best of the best use: Trash Talkery.

If Brian McGill ever hit you, there's a 35% chance you would disintegrate. And if he said something about your mom, there's a 25% chance she'd disintegrate.

While we're on the topic if SU Lacrosse, JoJo Marasaco has officially settled in to his role as a #22. It wasn't easy, especially when one of the best to ever wear the number called him out on it.

After the current Syracuse lacrosse team took on the SU alumni squad in the Carrier Dome, Powell — a four-time All-American in his time at SU — looked at Marasco as they walked off the field and yelled out, "JoJo, 2-2 easy, right?"

And six months later, the sophomore still hasn't heard the end of it from his Orange teammates.

A Marasco mistake in practice is greeted by jeers of, "JoJo, you're 2-2 soft." When he dodges past a teammate and finishes with a goal, they want to know, "Was that 2-2 easy?"

Every single practice. Marasco said he hears it 15 to 20 times daily.

Keep it up, 2-2.