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Syracuse Basketball: The Mike & Rakeem Show, The Pilot

The Scoop & Kris Show will be entering it's third glorious season next year (assuming you include The Wes Year). It's the highest-rated show on TV (assumed) and should do well in syndication to foreign markets (Belarus loves Kris Joseph). Of course, the show can't last forever. In fact there's a pretty good chance next season will be it's last. Hopefully the tie up all the loose ends...

It is good to know, however, that when Syracuse fans' favorite program leaves the air, we're bound to get the next chapter in great Syracuse Basketball entertainment courtesy of Michael Carter-Williams and Rakeem Christmas.

Draft Express shot a pilot episode with the fellas and while it's still raw and they both need to fine-tune their characters, you can see the seeds of brilliance taking root.

Laurel & Hardy, eat your God damn hearts out. MWC brings the bubbly, Christmas brings the dry wit. It's winning combo...