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The Popcorn Of Love: Jim & Juli Boeheim

You can always tell strong a relationship is by the way people eat popcorn together.

Take A-Rod and Cameron Diaz at the Super Bowl, for instance.


Look how uncomfortable A-Rod is. He doesn't even feel comfortable enough to handle his own corn. So worried about things look on the outside. And Cameron's downright terrified of having her fingers bitten off. Where's the trust? I know they're still together but, this didn't bode well.

Then there's Jim & Juli Boeheim at the NCAA Title Game:


THAT'S how people in love eat popcorn. You don't force a lady like Juli to feed you. You handle your own business and you take care of your better half. You let Juli handle hydration and you trust that she'll take care of you when your mouth gets dry. And by God, Juli will take care of you.

Some might call it being comfortable. I call it love.

H/T: Anthony Lima