Let The Recruits And Rap Songs Keep Coming, Coach Rob Murphy Stays At Syracuse

After interviewing for the Kent State head coaching job, Syracuse assistant coach Rob Murphy has withdrawn his name from consideration.

"I work for one of the greatest coaches in the game,’’ Murphy said, referring to SU head coach Jim Boeheim. "A Hall of Fame coach.’’

Hard to argue staying with Boeheim and getting quality experience in a big time program and hopefully getting the chance at a big time job later on.

Murphy noted that the NCAA’s open recruiting period begins on Thursday. He wanted potential recruits to know that he was at Syracuse and not on the way to Kent State.
"I’m anxious to get out on the road,’’ Murphy said. "I want the focus to be on Syracuse and the future here.’’

I hope he's heading to the Zebra Classic with Hop and Boeheim to keep close tabs on DaJuan Coleman.