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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge - Winners

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And so it ends. UConn is your National Champion (yucky). And Brandon Triche's Elusive Smile is the winner of the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge. BTES is otherwise known as Alexandra. She was smart enough to write in today and explain just how she came to sell her soul for a giant Paul Harris Head.

Please rest assured that I am definitely not a UConn fan; I don't think any Huskies fans are dying to win a giant Paul Harris head.  I was born and raised in Syracuse and will bleed orange until the day I die (and if you don't believe me, I have no less than 10 different Syracuse basketball t-shirts and an autographed GMac jersey to prove it).  Anyway, this is the first year I went with my head instead of my heart and didn't pick Syracuse to win it all (give me some credit though: I had us going all the way to the Elite Eight)...I hope you will forgive me for the sacrilege of not picking Syracuse to win it all and allow me to claim my Cuse-themed spoils of victory.  Because come on, it's not like I picked Georgetown.

Consider yourself absolved, BTES, and enjoy the following prizes...

  1. A Paul Harris Big Head from his stint with the Maine Red Claws (Courtesy of Chris)
  2. A personalized drawing of the winner in a Syracuse basketball uniform by Mike Borkowski
  3. A pastel drawing of the Syracuse player/coach of your choice, courtesy of CQuijano Art (like this or this).
  4. A signed copy of How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide by Syracuse grad Aaron Goldfarb
  5. A signed copy of How To Grow An Orange
  6. A signed copy of Orange Tip-Off Magazine

We have 2nd prize and 3rd prize winners as well. PooperScooper wins a signed copy of How To Grow An Orange while Genespicks (who also guessed the most games correctly) wins a signed copy of Orange Tip-Off Magazine. Just let me know where to send those, folks, and they're yours.