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Syracuse Wants That NC State Coaching Vacancy Filled ASAP

The longer the North Carolina State job remains available, the longer Syracuse fans will have to fret. Because while he hasn't been officially named in any capacity, SU assistant Mike Hopkins' name is getting mentioned more and more for the job.

The Wolfpack are getting spurned let and right by major program coaches like Arizona's Sean Miller and mid-major head coaches like VCU's Shaka Smart and Wichita State's Gregg Marshall. The big knock on the Pack is that they'll always be No. 3 in the North Carolina basketball triumvirate and it's a losing proposition for whoever wants to take over for Sidney Lowe.

All of this means that, mostly like, NC State is going to have to look to an assistant coach to fill that bright red suit Lowe left behind. Someone who wants to make their own name and take over an ACC program with a decent history in the process. State fans have their thoughts on who's left and who's interested. Most of them aren't exactly "wow" choices.

As a Syracuse fan, this is where your agita kicks in. Because when it comes to assistant coaches with a good pedigree, a top-notch recruiting history and a ton of experience at an elite program, there are very few candidates out there that can match Mike Hopkins' resume.

This area in particular is one that Hopkins' has considered before. He was a strong candidate for the UNC-Charlotte job last year before removing his name from consideration. "Coach-in-waiting" or not, Hopkins won't wait around forever if the perfect situation appeared. The NC State job doesn't appear to be it, but, you never know.

Chances are we have nothing to worry about. Boeheim keeps making it clear he's only got a few years left. It's Hopkins' team when that happens. And besides, Coach Hop has an Academy to run.

Let's just hope this job search concludes soon, because the longer it keeps going, the more we're going to have to hear Hops' name bandied about.

Update: Looks like it's a moot point.