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UConn Wins National Title, Big East Slightly Vindicated

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Congrats are in order for the UConn Huskies. They won the 2011 NCAA Title fair and square. Of course, there's all that other stuff they didn't do fair and square that's going to get that title vacated in a few months. But in the meantime, by all means, enjoy it Huskies.

As Syracuse fans, it does us no pleasure to watch Jim Calhoun smile and to see UConn players hoist trophies but, you know, that WAS a helluva run they just made.

Good lord Butler. You know, we might not invite you to these things anymore if this is what you're going to do.

As for the Big East, there's some measure of vindication in UConn winning the title. It's the first NCAA Title for the conference since the Huskies did it in '04, which followed Syracuse's '03 title. That should keep certain naysayers at bay for a little while (except for this guy, I guess).

Still, UConn's win doesn't erase how the rest of the conference performed in the NCAA Tournament this season. As I said in the comments on this FanPost, the issue was not with how many Big East teams made it to the Final Four, the issue was with how many Big East teams made it out of the first weekend. The Big East needed more of its teams to at least make it to the Sweet Sixteen. And UConn's win or not, that's the stigma we'll carry into next season.

Just wait until the Big East starts getting projected to have 10 or 11 teams in the 2012 Tournament and watch what people say. They won't be pointing to UConn's win, they'll be pointing to Pitt's loss. And Notre Dame's. And Georgetown's. And Louisville's.

Still, it's better than nothing I suppose. And the target on UConn's back is officially huge again. We look forward to knocking them back down a few pegs in 2012.

Update: How come UConn turns into West Virginia every time they win a title?