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Syracuse vs. Princeton: Where Do We Eat?

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Off to their best start since 1990 (and that's saying something considered all the great teams between now and then), the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team has officially reached Ribwich status:


They warrant your complete devotion and you should be following them everywhere they go. And you should be growing hippie hair while doing it.

If that's the case, you're spending this weekend in glorious Princeton, NJ. If you think P-town is just a place for nerds to get together and solve equations while wearing gaudy orange-tinged clothing, you'd be right.

But those nerds gotta eat. And so do you. So when you make your way down to Class of 1952 Stadium Princeton Stadium (big game means bigger stadium) to cheer your ever-loving ass off, make sure you know about all the key areas to build up your energy and refuel afterward.

Hoagie Haven - If you eat nowhere else this weekend, you eat here. It has hoagies. It's a haven. What else do you need to know? It ain't pretty but those gargantuan sandwiches are what I'd be eating every day if I still lived there.

Triumph Brewery - Princeton's microbrew pub. No Bud Lights here, only their own brew, which is pretty solid. The food's pretty good as well. Solid burgers.

Alchemist & Barrister - Tucked away in an alley off Palmer Square (the Armory Square of Princeton), find a seat at the bar in this pub and dig in. If you enjoy stouts and pub food, you might not leave. So, you probably want to go here AFTER the game.

P.J.'s Pancake House - Your breakfast. Done. They're so legit their website URL is literally

Teresa Cafe - If you were a student at Princeton, this is where you'd take your parents on Parent's Weekend. Good Italian food, solid pizza and good wine. If you feel like celebrating after the win...

Halo Pub - Finish off your evening with some ridiculously-good ice cream here. It kinda does feel like a pub when you walk in, or an old-timey ice cream store. At least, as old-timey as a place that serves strawberry heath and pistachio ice cream.

Stay away from J.B. Winberie's (a more expensive TGI Fridays) the Yankee Doodle Tap Room (sounds cool but pricey and actually not that cool) , If you've got some time to kill while you're there, here's a couple other items of interest...

Walk Nassau Street & Palmer Square - "Downtown" Princeton is basically all of Princeton. Full of restaurants, bars, high-end shops that are spelled "shoppe"...this should eat up a good hour.

Rummage at Princeton Record Exchange - If you're into rummaging through bins for records, rare CDs and other such things, PRE is basically the best place in the nation to do it.

Walk the Delaware & Raritan Canal Trail - If you've got the time, walk or run this trail that runs along the Raritan river. You might catch the Princeton Rowing Team training. With Spring springing, it's probably very purdy right now.

Princeton University has a few more options for you here, including Albert Einstein's House and the Princeton Battlefield, if that's your thing.

If you decide to venture out to nearby cosmopolitan New Brunswick, refer to the Rutger guide here.