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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge - National Championship

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One more game and we'll know who the winner of the TNIAAM Bracket Challenge is. Very exciting times.

It's pretty cut and dry when you look at the standings. There is only one player left with a chance to score points in the entire challenge. And unfortunately for all of us, it's the one person to had the audacity and the gall to pick UConn to win the title while taking part in a Syracuse-related tournament bracket challenge.

That would be Brandon Triche's Elusive Smile. If UConn wins, BTES wins all the Tostitos.

If UConn loses, PooperScooper wins with 85 points. Scooper had UConn making the finals but losing to Kansas.

Good luck to you both. And one more time, let's see what everyone's playing for...

3rd Place Finish - Signed copy of Orange Tip-Off Magazine

2nd Place Finish - Signed copy of How To Grow An Orange

As for 1st Place, the winner of the Bracket Challenge will win a motherlode of awesome Cuse-related goodies, including:

  1. A Paul Harris Big Head from his stint with the Maine Red Claws (Courtesy of Chris)
  2. A personalized drawing of the winner in a Syracuse basketball uniform by Mike Borkowski
  3. A pastel drawing of the Syracuse player/coach of your choice, courtesy of CQuijano Art (like this or this).
  4. A signed copy of How to Fail: The Self-Hurt Guide by Syracuse grad Aaron Goldfarb
  5. A signed copy of How To Grow An Orange
  6. A signed copy of Orange Tip-Off Magazine

Looks like Genespicks has clinched either a 2nd or 3rd place prize. The only other person who has a shot is Kimmel Ass, who will win 3rd Prize if UConn loses.

Good luck to everyone, except UConn.