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Detroit Lions Select Doug Hogue In Fifth Round Of NFL Draft

How I'll always remember Doug, via <a href=""></a>
How I'll always remember Doug, via

With the 157th overall pick (fifth round) in the 2011 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions have taken Syracuse linebacker Doug Hogue.

Not too shabby for a running back whom Greg Robinson basically forgot about in 2008.

Detroit was one of the teams Hogue met with in the last few months, so the Lions must've seen something they liked. Detroit had a big need at linebacker going into the draft.

Hogue joins Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley as Detroit's defensive draftees.

Detroit folks seem relatively pleased with the selection so far. Here's what SBN Lions blog Pride of Detroit had to say about it:

This pick may not fill the Lions' need for starting linebackers in 2011, but Hogue can be a depth guy as he continues learning the linebacker position more and more. Already he has come a long way since being a running back, and the Lions obviously like Hogue's potential enough to make him one of their draft picks in 2011.

Mazel Tov to Doug. He ans his family are crying tears of joy over the selection:

"This is an amazing feeling. I didn’t believe it when they called me, and then my name popped on the screen and that’s when it hit me," Hogue said. "That’s when the tears started falling.

"My mom, she jumped on my back. My father, he ran away because he started crying and stuff. It was just crazy."