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2011 NFL Draft Saturday Open Thread

The 2011 NFL draft rolls on into the third day with the fourth through seventh rounds. We had the first round on Thursday night and then the second and third rounds made up day two.

So now we move onto the fourth round where the action will be coming fast and furious. There are five minutes between each pick, and this is the time when most fans start seeing their team select players they haven't heard of. That is of course unless you're a serious draftnik.

And finally, we should hear the names of Syracuse players like Delone Carter, Ryan Bartholomew, Doug Hogue and maybe, just maybe, Derrell Smith or Rob Long. Carter makes this list of Best Available Players in the draft pool.

In the meantime, check out more information on Rounds 4-7 here, see how your favorite NFL team's draft grades so far and find out how each team's fans feel about their team's draft picks.