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Scoop Jardine Is Going To Summer Camp

Ah, summer camp. The memories. The friendships. The short shorts.

Scoop Jardine better pack his bathing trunks and load up on bug spray cause he's going camping.

"I’ll be at the Chris Paul camp from June 10 to June 13 and then the Deron Williams Nike Skills Academy in Chicago from June 23 to June 26,’’ Jardine said. "Then I’ll be at the LeBron camp in Akron in July and then the Adidas Nations in L.A. in August.’’

"They’re invitation-only, but in past years, I would’ve only been able to do one or two. This summer, I have the ability to go to all of them. When I’m not at these things, I’ll be here.’’

Hope his mom packs a lot of cheesesteaks and Ecto-Cooler cause he's gonna be a busy boy.

Scoop graduates this spring and has been accepted into the S.I. Newhouse School of Communication’s master’s program. In other words, fifteen years from now, "Ooh Yea That's Hot" will be the hottest CBS sports announcer catchphrase in the land. Remember where you heard it first.