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Upstate/Downstate Football Classic Tinged Orange

Macky Mac via <a href=""></a>
Macky Mac via

One of Doug Marrone's biggest goals when it came to recruiting was to re-establish Syracuse as THE school that New York's top recruits go. All you need to do is take a look at the Upstate/Downstate Football Classic rosters to see it's already working.

Just like last year, the Upstate/Downstate Football Classic will feature a ton of incoming Syracuse players when it goes down in the Carrier Dome June 5th. Eight, to be exact.

The Downstate roster includes quarterback Terrel Hunt, receiver/defensive back Brandon Reddish, offensive lineman Ivan Foy, running back Tyree Smallwood and defensive lineman Ryan Sloan.

The Upstate roster includes quarterback Ashton Broyld, offensive lineman Nick Robinson and punter Jonathan Fisher.

Defensive lineman Donnie Simmons was also slated to play in the game, but chose not to since this is the weekend of his high school graduation.

The Downstate All-Stars routed the Upstate ones 36-7 last year, so expect the Upstate squad to look for revenge. Or not, since none of these players were here last year. Look, the point is, they'll want to win.

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