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Art Jones vs. "Bones" Jones In The Octagon: Who Ya Got?

When life gives you lemons, Guillotine Choke the crap out of those lemons until life taps out.

That's what former Syracuse standout Art Jones is doing in the on-again, off-again NFL offseason. The Baltimore Ravens won't let the second-year defensive tackle in their workout facility due to the NFL Lockout, so Art's been staying in shape by working out...MMA-style:

"So much of what you do in a MMA gym can be applied to football," Jones told S.I.'s Jeff Wagenheim. "Both sports are about leverage and being fluid in your movements."

MMA training to stay in NFL game-shape is one thing. But it has to be easy for Art to picture himself making a career out of kicking ass when his kid brother (not Chandler Jones the probable recipient of several Art Jones ass kickings growing up is Jon "Bones" Jones, the current UFC light heavyweight champion. 

And "Bones" won't shut up about how awesome his brother could be in the Octagon. This is what he told Sergio Non of USA Today:

"I really don't see anyone in the heavyweight division right now being able to clinch with my brother and not get thrown. His wrestling is way, way, way above my wrestling. I was the second seed my whole career in wrestling because my brother was on my team."

Jon Jones clearly thinks his brother would do well in MMA. He wouldn't be the first Raven to make the jump to the ring either that distinction goes to safety-turned-boxer (and now, alleged pot smoker) Tom Zbikowski.

Then there's Ray Lewis, who'd make a damn scary pro fighter too. I'm guessing it was Lewis who booked the locker room friendly brawl between rookie Art Jones and vet Kelly Gregg because he got it all on camera--and provided some hilarious commentary (you can see it here). Gregg was a three-time Oklahoma high school heavyweight champion (and also has 20 pounds of nose tackle man-fat on Art), but I doubt someone Art's own size would last very long in an eight-sided death match. 

But, for the sake of argument, how long would you give "Bones" Jones (6'4, 205 pounds) in a match with his big brother (6'3, 301 pounds)?