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Syracuse Daily Links - Macky MacPherson Living The Dream

Macky MacPherson living dream for Orange - Big East Blog - ESPN
"I think they trust me with the calls," he said. "I never feel nervous. I feel like I've got a good handle on the playbook." "He's a smart kid and he's tough," quarterback Ryan Nassib said. "He can really shotgun snap it. And he's got that last name, which is his horseshoe."

Poliquin: Adrian Autry always thought Syracuse's Mike Hopkins would land exactly where he has |
"I never even thought about getting into coaching," said Hopkins, who has been an SU aide for 16 seasons and will, presumably, replace Boeheim at the head of the Syracuse bench some day. "But Adrian and some of the other guys would always mess with me. They’d always call me, ‘Coach Boeheim’s son.’ "It was always the big joke. ‘Hop is going to be coaching this team some day.’ But I was thinking I’d just go to work for my father."

What they're saying about Syracuse's Doug Hogue and Thursday's NFL draft |
With his combination of size and speed, Hogue will draw some interest. He could be a good fit as a strong-side linebacker in a 4-3. He shows good sideline-to-sideline pursuit, but his instincts are average. Hogue started his college career as a running back and still is learning to play linebacker.

College hoops teams on the rise in 2011-12 - College Basketball -
Glance at Syracuse’s roster, and it’s easy to see why so many believe the Orange will be one of the country’s most improved teams in 2011-12. Other than star forward Rick Jackson, Jim Boeheim’s squad returns every player who contributed to last year’s squad.

College basketball games draw 32.8 million fans -
Kentucky led the nation in average home attendance for the 15th time in 16 years. The Wildcats averaged 23,603. Syracuse was second at 22,312.

Year in Sports | Uneven exchange: Most benefit from Manley renovations; track takes time to adjust - The Daily Orange - Sports
"It was a huge renovation," Rubeor said. "It benefited a lot of teams. Softball loves it, football loves it, soccer loves it, lacrosse loves it. "Track and field — not so much."

Sushi 12: Part 2 (Penn, Corn, Cuse, MD, GW, Ariz) " Sushi With My Girls!!!
Ok… so you were pretty cool in high school. You did pretty well academically but you were also normal. You played a few sports, got invited to the cool parties and had way more sex then the kids that went Ivy. Cornell and Columbia weren’t in the cards for you and you are totes ok with that. NYU was out of the question because you prefer frat guys who wear normal jeans and will have careers in media sales to hipsters who wear girl jeans and are destined to have an identity crisis… But you also needed to be in NY. Which leaves one option… Syracuse.

Rob Long to watch NFL draft, receive honor at national Race for Hope |
While Long hopes to have his named called in the late rounds on Saturday, "I’m not expecting too much," he said of the weekend’s draft. Long worked out for one team, the Philadelphia Eagles and kicked for representatives for 26 teams at SU’s pro day workouts in March.

Early preseason Top 25 for 2011-12 - College Basketball News | FOX Sports on MSN
4. SYRACUSE - The lone departure of Jackson — and the maturation of Melo and addition of Christmas — should make up for the loss.

What is it like to play football at a Division I university? Connect's Dave Van Moffaert and Ivory Hecker caught up with a couple former Syracuse football players before they graduate. We went inside Manley Field House with the players as they relived their memories of playing the sport and talked about their goals for the future.