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Rob Murphy Bids Syracuse A Fond Farewell

Why is it so dusty in here? Get all this dust out of here so that my eyes are less dusty...

Coach Murph was many things while at Syracuse. A great assistant coach, a fantastic recruiter, a rap mogul...but more than all of that, he was a class act. And he leaves with the respect of all Cuse fans. Eastern Michigan fans are a lucky bunch.

Murph made it clear just how much he appreciates the opportunity that Jim Boeheim gave him seven years ago.

"I’ve had a great, great seven years,’’ Murphy said. "Seven years ago in 2004, when I was awarded this opportunity to take over this assistant coaching position, vacated by Troy Weaver, I didn’t have a lot of experience at the high major level. I was a young coach trying to find my way. Coach Boeheim gave me the opportunity of a lifetime.’’

Coach Boeheim wishes Murphy well and even half-jokingly drops a note that we might just play Murph's EMU team soon.

"I know he’s going to do a great job,’’ Boeheim said. "We’ll probably have to play him a game this year before he gets loaded up with too many players out there. Then we’re not going to play him anymore.’’

Mike Waters sat down with Rob Murphy at the Carmelo Anthony Center on Tuesday as a kind of closing interview. Good luck, Murph. We're rooting for you.