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2011 NFL Mock Draft Syracuse Player Projections

The NFL might not officially be back yet (Susan Nelson is trying, you guys!) but the 2011 NFL Draft will take place regardless on Thursday. It wasn't too long ago that no SU players were taken in a draft (2008) but it looks like those days are over.

Anywhere from 2-5 players from Syracuse will hear their names called in the draft. As for who those players will be and where they'll go, who knows? Certainly not people who put together mock drafts. They have worse track records than Bracketologists.

Then again, it can't hurt to check in with them. Let's see which Syracuse Orange come up in certain mock drafts from around the Interweb. (I can't see all of Mel Kiper's mock but if you can and see any SU players on there, let me know)

Sporting News NFL writer Russ Lande

Ryan Bartholomew - Round 5, Seattle Seahawks

Doug Hogue - Round 5, Chicago Bears

Delone Carter - Round 7, Atlanta Falcons

Delone Carter - Round 5, Kansas City Cheifs

Doug Hogue - Round 7, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Greg Cox,

Delone Carter - Round 4, Kansas City Cheifs

Doug Hogue - Rounds 5, Chicago Bears

Ryan Bartholomew - Round 7, Washington Redskins