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Syracuse Lacrosse No. 1 In RPI Rankings

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The first RPI rankings of the NCAA Lacrosse season have been released and, lo and behold, Syracuse sits atop it.

The Orange are 12-1 overall, 2-0 on the road, 4-0 in neutral or "Classic" sites and 6-1 at home.

They're also 2-1 against teams in the Top 5 (with a game against the only remaining one this weekend), 5-1 against teams in the Top 10 and 7-1 against teams in the Top 20.

Following closely behind are the undefeated Irish, who are No. 1 in the Media and Coaches Polls. They're followed by No. 3 Cornell, No. 4 Villanova (!) and No. 5 Duke.

Three Big East teams in the Top Five compared to one ACC team. Choke. On. That.

Johns Hopkins, currently ranked No. 2 in the nation by the Coaches Poll...they're No. 6 in the RPI.

The data also reveals a couple interesting things of note about some of the teams, including:

  • Duke is 11-5 on the season. 10 of those wins come at home, they're 1-4 away from Durham.
  • Cornell has 10 wins on the year but only four of them at home. They're 6-2 away from Ithaca (as we know).
  • The Orange have played more neutral site games than anyone (4).
  • Virginia is awesome at home (6-1) and horrible at someone else's (1-4).
  • Mercer is having a rough season. They do have a one win, but they're also the only team in 1-A to play a non 1-A team. That was they're win.
  • Other Big East RPI rankings include No. 20 Georgetown, No. 33 St. John's, No. 42 Rutgers, No. 50 Providence.