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Big East Expansion: Villanova's PowerPoint Presentation Leaves Something To Be Desired

You may have heard there was going to be some kind of announcement out of Villanova tomorrow morning regarding Big East Football. You heard wrong, as that rumor has been debunked.

The Wildcats will need to make an announcement soon, however. They failed to impress Big East brass with their sales pitch last time around and have been thought to be hard at work on a new one. The expectation is that Rev. Peter Donahue will knock the Big East's socks off with a proposal that's financially sound and provides ample room for attendance growth, as well as regional stability.

However, it looks like that's not the case at all. A source forwarded me the PowerPoint slides that Villanova is planning on using at their second meeting and, well, they don't exactly strike me as "professional."

Have a look and decide for yourself.









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