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Tim Higgins To Be Honored By Actual Humans

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To this day, the greatest upset in the history of the Internet is that we don't have a decent "Bad Referees" blog. Everything sports fans love and hate to discuss seems to have at least ten blogs dedicated to it, except bad refereeing. And If I've learned anything in my time as a sports fan, it's that we looooove talking about referees. Especially the ones we hate.

Speaking of...

Veteran sports broadcaster Bob Wolff, basketball official Tim Higgins and the late Joel Blumberg, a former radio producer and announcer, will receive this year's distinguished service awards by the Met Basketball Writers Association. The trio will be honored at the NIT/MBWA Haggerty Awards dinner tonight.

Yessir, the referee who launched a thousand horrible calls and, for all intents and purposes, stopped doing his job at the most critical moment of a critical game thereby nullifying the entire reason he is doing said job in the first place, is going to be honored by basketball people this evening.

If we're going to honor Tim Higgins for his efforts on the basketball court, I feel it's only necessary to showcase some of his highlights.

Nice guy. Congrats, Ref!