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Adrian Autry: From Siberia To 'Dayton Mode' To Syracuse

What you do in Siberia for fun, via <a href=""></a>
What you do in Siberia for fun, via

Adrian Autry is coming home to Syracuse as our new assistant basketball coach. It almost didn't happen. The stars aligned at exactly the right moment and had they done so a day sooner or later, we might not be welcoming him back right now.

Mike Waters spoke with Autry as he makes his way up to the Cuse.

Autry was all set to leave Virginia Tech for Dayton (for some reason). To the point where he was "in Dayton mode." I think we've all been in Dayton mode from time to time and we all know what kind of slippery slope that is. You start in Dayton mode, then you think that it'll be okay to fall into Cleveland State mode and before you know it, you're in Akron mode.

Lucky for Adrian, Rob Murphy went into Eastern Michigan mode before Autry signed on the line that is dotted. After some chats with Coach Hop and Coach Boeheim, Dayton mode became Syracuse mode. A much better mode.

As for how Autry will feel readjusting to Syracuse winters, I think he's gonna be okay. Dude is Siberia-tested.

"Andrea lived with me in Siberia, so I don’t think the winters there are going to catch her off-guard,’’ Autry said. "She was pregnant with our oldest. We were there for five months and it snowed everyday.’’

I suppose Syracuse in December resembles Virginia in December when that's your reference point.