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No. 4 Syracuse vs. No. 1 Notre Dame: The Greatest Game In Big East Lacrosse History

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No, seriously, Saturday's game between the Orange and the Fightin' Irish will be more important and more meaningful than any other Big East Lacrosse game ever played.

Sure, there's the whole technicality of this being the second season of Big East Lacrosse ever played, but, don't trifle me with that.

It's a huge game for Syracuse: The Program for quite a few reasons.

  • One of the teams in this game is ranked No. 1 in the nation and it's not SU. That ain't right.
  • The winner of this game is basically assured the Big East Conference crown. Can you imagine a team other than Syracuse winning the Big East so soon? Just doesn't seem right or in God's plan.
  • Syracuse's senior class just tied the Class of 1986’s school record for wins over a four-year period (57). They can set the new mark by beating the No. 1 team in the nation.
  • Notre Dame, and not Syracuse, went to the NCAA Finals last year. The Orange are still chapped over this (assumedly), especially since the Irish crapped the bed and lost to Duke (DUKE!).
  • Syracuse has never lost to Notre Dame. The only time the Irish have played in the Dome previously, SU won 19-13.
  • The game is in the Dome. You don't normally go to lacrosse games in the Dome. YOU ARE F**KING GOING TO THIS ONE.

And as a footnote on that last one, make sure you pre-buy your ticket and/or get there way early. Adult single-game tickets are $10 and tickets for children 12 and under are $5. Gates open Saturday at 5:30 p.m. The game starts at 7 p.m.

To kick off Notre Dame Lacrosse Hate Week, let's watch their freshmen sing (the concern here isn't that these poor souls are forced to sing, badly, it's that all of these songs seem to be readily available on Notre Dame player iPods):