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Syracuse Remains No. 4 In Lacrosse Polls, No. 1 Notre Dame Lurks

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Honestly, Syracuse fans should consider the fact that the Orange remained No. 4 in both polls a win. I fully expected Maryland to jump us after winning the "ACC Tournament" this weekend. And to be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Duke, North Carolina and Virginia moved passed us just for playing in it.

The Week 10 Nike/Inside Lacrosse Media Poll keeps the same teams up top, but there's a change amongst them. The undefeated Irish remain No. 1, while Cornell leapfrogs Hopkins into the No. 2 spot. Syracuse remains No. 4 and Denver is still No. 5.

I'm not quite sure who keeps giving Johns Hopkins a first-place vote over Notre Dame, Cornell and Syracuse, but if that person wants to hand in their credentials at any point, that would be fine.

The top four remain the same in the USILA Division I Coaches Poll for Week 10. Notre Dame, Hopkins, Cornell, Syracuse and Maryland are in the top slots with Denver just outside at No. 6.

Villanova finally moves up from No. 11, arriving in the top ten for the first time at No. 9 in the Media Poll and No. 10 in the Coaches Poll.

Syracuse still has a lot of chances to move up before the season ends. A win over Notre Dame this weekend obviously carries a lot of weight. Meanwhile, Hopkins has two tough tasks in Loyola and Army, and Cornell has pesky Princeton remaining.

Big East Standings

No. 1 Notre Dame (10-0, 5-0)

No. 4 Syracuse (11-1, 4-0)

No. 9 Villanova (9-3, 1-2)

St. John's (4-8, 2-3)

Georgetown (5-7, 2-3)

Rutgers (5-7, 0-3)

Providence (3-10, 0-4)