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Forget Saturday Nooners, Syracuse Does It Friday Night From Now On

Ah, the Saturday Nooner. The graveyard to which Syracuse Football was banished for many moons thanks Greg Robinson. Those days started changing last season as game starts got pushed back further and further. All of a sudden, Syracuse was a team worth putting on during primetime.

Now it looks like the Orange are so big-time, Saturday can no longer contain them. Already scheduled to play South Florida on Friday, November 11th, Syracuse's game against West Virginia has now been moved to Friday as well:

Syracuse University’s football game against West Virginia will now be played on Friday, October 21 before a national television audience on ESPN or ESPN2. Kickoff is set for 8:00 p.m. It is the second Friday night home game for the Orange in 2011.

That makes it at least three games on an ESPN network, alongside the USF game and the Pitt game, which has the chance to be on ABC if the cards fall right.

It also means that Syracuse will only play one Saturday home game in the Dome after October 1st (Nov. 26th vs. Cincy).

H/T: nymetsfan1226