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USA Today Hates Syracuse's Recruits

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Michael Carter-Williams and Rakeem Christmas were both named McDonald's All-Americans and have spent the last couple months playing in every major high school hoops tournament you can think of. Especially if it included the word "classic" in the title.

That's not good enough for USA Today, apparently. They released their All-USA high school boys basketball team today and neither player shows up amongst the first, second or third teams.

I know, it's only USA Today. It just means that travel-weary businessmen and moms in Little Rock won't think much of MCW and Rak. So be it. I say take this chip and apply it squarely upon your shoulders, boys. Especially since there's a lot of Big East-bound players on those lists.

I'm personally pissed off mostly because it robbed us of the chance to hear MCW and Rak's answers to questions like "Desired super power?" and what people don't know about them. Now we'll never know!

The USA Today Snub Vengeance Tour commences in November. (I think we have our season motto...)

If you want to hate on someone specifically, hate on USA Today's Jim Halley, Jerry Meyer of and Van Coleman of Revenge is a dish best served with a slice of orange, gentlemen.

H/T: John H.