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How Do We Start A Syracuse Rideshare Program?

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Are you related to ESPNU 150 Watch List defensive back Wayne Morgan? Are you friends with The Morgans? And do you also consider yourself a Syracuse fan? Well then you just moved to the top of our collective s**t lists.

Because when the Brooklyn (N.Y.) Erasmus High star thought about coming up to Syracuse to watch the Spring Game and take in the sights and sounds of beautiful Onondaga County, he could not. Why? Because you were lazy.

"I wanted to go to the Syracuse spring game but I couldn't catch a ride. I know I will be going there this summer. I am anxious to check them out because I need to get to their campus," he said. "I know coach [Doug] Marrone. He's a cool coach. I just need to get up there and see for myself. I have been following them. I like the direction of the program."

That's bad enough. What's worse?

"Michigan and Rutgers are my top two schools right now," Morgan said.

Get it together, Syracuse fan who is also somehow a friend or family-member to Wayne Morgan. We're all counting on you.