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Which Former Syracuse Guard Should Be Our New Assistant?

Allen Griffin via <a href=""></a>
Allen Griffin via

This feels like the kind of reality programming Time Warner Cable should be running. Get me on the phone with their head of original programming.

Now that everyone is allowed to admit that Rob Murphy is taking the Eastern Michigan job, it's time to replace our dearly departed.

According to Jon Rothstein, who apparently breaks ALL Syracuse-related new these days and no one told us, the choice will come down to two former Syracuse basketball players. Adrian Autry or Allen Griffin.

Autry, aka "Red" has spent the last three seasons as an assistant on the Virginia Tech coaching staff. In 2010, he was promoted to assistant coach after spending two years as Director of Basketball Operations. Of the former Orange great, Boeheim is on record as having said Autry "is one of the best point guards and smartest players that we’ve ever had at Syracuse."

Interestingly, Autry just left Tech to take an assistant position with Dayton. Given the fortuitous timing, however, it should be no surprise that Autry's hiring at Dayton has been "held up in human resources" for the last few days.

As for Allen Griffin, the underrated Syracuse guard spent last season as an assistant at Hofstra. That followed two stints at St. Francis and a stint at Providence in '06-'07. He started his coaching career as an administrative assistant for Jim Boeheim here at SU.

Griffin knows Mike Hopkins very well as Hopkins mentored Allen during his time as a player here and I'm sure that carries weight.

So, we'll wait and see. With Autry or Griffin joining a staff that consists of Jim Boeheim, Bernie Fine, Mike Hopkins, Lazarus Sims and Gerry McNamara, it goes without saying that when it comes to coaching at SU, being "A Syracuse Man" matters.

The only question that remains, and I assume will be the deciding factor, is which one can write and rap a better SU theme song?