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Syracuse 13 - Hobart 7: The Power Of Ten

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Ten different players, TEN!, scored goals in Syracuse's 13-7 win over Hobart on Tuesday night. Couple that with the fact that John Lade returned to the lineup and the Orange actually controlled a decent amount of faceoffs and you've got the kind of evening Syracuse fans are used to seeing and want to see more of.

Even at 13-7, the game wasn't as close as the score indicates. The fourth quarter was basically a freebie for the Statesmen to make things looks respectable.

Syracuse (11-1) led 7-3 at the half and went on a 5-0 run in the third quarter to turn it into a runaway.

Syracuse outshot the Statesmen (5-7) 45-23 despite emptying the bench for the fourth quarter.

The short-stick defenders had a great game but of course the big news on defense was the return of Big John Lade. All the All-American did in his first game back was shut down Hobart's leading scorer all night long.

Lade showed no signs of limited mobility Tuesday and said there isn't one part of the game in which the ankle bothers him more than other facets.

With 4:48 remaining in the second quarter, he beat several Hobart players to a groundball, scooped it and quickly passed it into the offensive zone. Minutes later, Lade alertly darted away from Miller when a ball bounced off Galloway toward the sideline and outran Hobart's Cam Stone to give the Orange possession.

The biggest win of the evening might have been a tie. The Orange split faceoffs with the Statesmen 12-12. For a team like SU that's struggled at the X, that's a win this season.

Stephen Keogh, Jeremy Thompson and Kevin Drew led the Orange with two goals apiece and John Galloway recorded five saves.

Up next for the Orange is a trip to Connecticut to play Rutgers (5-6). Huh? It's the ESPN Warrior Classic to be played at UConn's Rentschler Field. UMass plays Hofstra at 3pm and then the Orange take on Rutgers immediately following.