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Real Orange Heroes: Syracuse Men's Ultimate Team


If you've ever walked across the Quad and ducked out of the way of a rogue Frisbee, chances are the Syracuse Men's Ultimate Team was involved.

Every year, Scooby Doom (The Juice points out the name is "a combination of Scooby Doo and Dr. Doom") travels to 3-4 tournaments a year. This year, they've been to Atlantic City, Georgia, Rochester, and Buffalo

This past weekend, they attended the Northeastern Sectionals in Youngstown and emerged in third place, qualifying for the Northeastern Regionals for the first time in five years.

The Regionals include the 16 top teams in the area, meeting April 30-May 1 in Princeton, NJ. The team that emerges from the Regionals will head to the College Championships.

FYI, Doom's biggest rival is SUNY Buffalo, whom we split the season series with 1-1 and may just see again in Regionals. 

Good luck to the Doomers in Regionals. If you're still in Princeton from the lacrosse game, stick around a few weeks longer and root them on.

Follow the team on Facebook here and read about more Real Orange Heroes here.