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Syracuse Basketball Fans, A Request...

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Please stop tweeting Dion Waiters.


Look, you're making me write multiple one-word paragraphs like I'm your local newspaper editorial writer.

See what this has come to?

It's totally cool that you have opinions about Dion Waiters and the possibility he might transfer. You are entitled to your opinion. We have troops fighting in Libya for your right to voice your opinion (right? It's hard to keep track...). So I'm all for that.

There's just no reason to shout your opinion directly at Dion Waiters in a public forum. Especially when Mr. Waiters seems pretty likely to read it and respond to it.

And that includes saying something mean about Dion and including his Twitter name in your tweet. Yes, you would be correct in saying you're not tweeting it TO Dion, but he's seeing it just the same. That trick doesn't work.

Dion has been forced to announce that Twitter is a Hater Free Zone and yet some of you still do not recognize the legally-binding laws of Hater Free Zones, as set forth in the UN's Hater Free Zone charter of 2007.

I know, I know, Dion is not doing himself any favors by responding on Twitter and getting mad. His best course of action would be to just stop with all the tweeting for a while and go do whatever it is he needs to do so that we can get a straight answer one way or another and move forward. But that ain't happening. So I'll ask you to be the bigger man or woman and stand down, please.

I'm not going to call anyone specifically and I don't want the comments to turn into a Hater Zone. The comments are absolutely a Hater Free Zone as well. Step off, Haterz.

All I'm saying it, no matter how big a Syracuse fan you are, no matter how much you think you know about Waiters' situation and no matter how emotionally involved you are with Syracuse have no idea. You have no idea what's really going on. Something tells me neither does Dion. So calling him out as a punk or saying he's making a mistake over something HE HASN'T EVEN DONE YET is unfair.

Worst case, think of it this way... If Dion Waiters, all 6'4" and 215 pounds of him, was walking towards you in a deserted alley at 2am, would you call him an a-hole and quitter to his face? If not, please refrain in any medium. 

Now, let's talk about what you're doing in a deserted alley at 2am, mister...