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Boeheim Denies Dion Waiters Implication, Then Implies It Again

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A lot of coaches out there are the masters of saying a lot but saying nothing at all.

If you ask me, Jim Boeheim is the master of saying a lot and saying way too much while doing it.

Bud Poliquin went on the confirmation warpath Tuesday, reaching out to Boeheim about his Dion Waiters comments and the report that Rob Murphy was leaving the program for Eastern Michigan.

On Murphy, Boeheim said that it's untrue to say Murphy has locked up the job but he is indeed a "strong candidate."

"That is definitely not true," he said. "Definitely not. No. He’s definitely a strong candidate for the job. It’s back in his home area. He would be, I think, a great choice because he knows that area. But Rob hasn’t taken the job. No. Not as we speak.

"But it would be a great spot for him. That’s his area. He’s more than ready to be a head coach. Rob is a tremendous coach."

Fair enough.

Now, on to this whole Dion Waiters business. We know that Jim said two distinct things to Jon Rothstein.

Waiters' return to Syracuse is "up in the air."

"Sometimes change is good for everyone."

Jim Boeheim wants you to know that while he did utter those two sentences, he didn't say them both in reference to Master Dion.

"I said that?" Boeheim asked. "I never said any such thing. I didn’t say that about Dion. That was a statement I made not related to that question. Somebody asked me that question (about Waiters’ return) and I didn’t have anything to say about that.

"And then in another breath, in another time frame in that interview, I did say ‘Sometimes change is good.’ But I was talking in general about a lot of things. It wasn’t specifically about Dion or anybody else."

Eh, sure. I mean, it doesn't really change anything. The "sometimes change is good" line isn't really the issue. It's more the "up in the air" part that matters. I suppose if Boeheim didn't say the second part in regard to Dion then he doesn't sound quite as callous.

I suppose at this point Boeheim would just like to let it lie and move on. Except for the fact just a few paragraphs later, Boeheim TOTALLY implies that Dion Waiters is considering leaving Syracuse again...

"Anything is possible," said Boeheim. "But as of right now there’s been no decisions made. Dion is finishing out the year academically and then he’ll decide what’s best for him when the year is over."

Jim Boeheim's idea of putting out a forest fire is by pouring gasoline on the trees.